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Facebook Fun for Quitters!

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We know quit medication and other tools can ease the physical symptoms associated with nicotine withdrawal, but it’s education and a personal social network that promotes lasting lifestyle changes.

That’s why the BC Lung Association’s QuitNow team has invested in building a support network, but not in the way you might think. This is an online community – and it lives on Facebook.

For those trying to quit and stay quit, the QuitNow Facebook page is proving the most popular way to share encouragement, tips and experience, quitter to quitter.

Given its success, the QuitNow team is working to drive online engagement even higher, and just launched a new Facebook ad campaign and is about to launch a new Facebook app.

Already, as a result, QuitNow’s Facebook user interaction is on the rise. More and more people are engaging with one another daily and helping us build QuitNow awareness by spreading the word to their other Facebook friends. As of April 1, our Facebook community has 3,300 followers and just keeps growing!

QuitNow’s Facebook page has become a social media destination for quitters province-wide.

 Are you a Facebook user? If so, come check it out!

(Photo left to right: QuitNow Team member Sharon Hammond and Allison Warren)


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