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Grade 2/3 Students in Saskatoon are Loving their Lungs 4 Life!

May 31, 2013 – World No Tobacco Day

Mrs. Laurie Jay’s Grade 2/3 students from Lakeridge School in Saskatoon got in the game and are loving their lungs 4 life!

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Our school attended a presentation that was sponsored by The Lung Association of SaskatchewanThe Saskatchewan Roughriders and Triple 4 Advertising Ltd..

My Grades 2/3 class had the pleasure of meeting Scott McHenry,  #18 from the Saskatchwean Roughriders.  Scott talked to us about how to keep our lungs healthy, negative peer pressure, and how to make healthy food choices.  Scott’s big message to us was to “believe in yourself and to trust yourself to make the right choice.”  Scott explained to us that our “lungs are for life” and to “get in the game” by finding ways to exercise our lungs and participate in the Community Youth Challenge.

Scott McHenry was also joined by Neal Hughes #32, and Keith Shologan # 74 from The Saskatchewan Roughriders for this year’s Community Youth Challenge.  Together they visited over 60 Saskatchewan schools to inspire youth to have a game plan and defend against negative peer pressure.  They challenged children and youth from Saskatchewan to make healthy choices and exercise their lungs.

The students found many ways to be active with friends, on teams, or on their own.  Some of the activities that we did to help exercise our lungs were:  playing in the snow (because we have LOTS of snow here!), running on the spot, sit ups or crunches, dancing, yoga, push ups (those were tough), jumping jacks, building human pyramids, basketball, soccer, swimming, etc…and of course, cheering for the Roughriders! (that really exercised our lungs!)

My students learned how to use the model of “Stop, Think, and Do” to help them make good, healthy life choices.  They also said that they will “NEVER SMOKE!” and to “Say No to Tobacco!”  All of the youth loved the fact that this message was given to them by such a wonderful person and role model like Scott McHenry!

–        Laurie Jay and Grades 2/3 Students, Lakeridge School, Saskatoon Public School Division

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