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Spring Season and Indoor Air Quality

Spring brings warmer weather which encourages Canadians to open the windows and let in the fresh spring air into the home. As well, spring is the perfect time to start some spring cleaning throughout the home. Here are some simple tips to follow for healthy air in the home:

  • Remove clutter such as old books or clothes – these items attract dust and mould.
  • Use air-friendly cleaning products. Mix baking soda and water to form a cleaning paste or mix equal parts lemon juice and water for an effective surface cleaner. Vinegar is also great for cleaning windows and other surfaces.
  • Avoid using air fresheners as they contain harmful chemicals. Create your own natural spring air fresheners with fresh-cut flowers or potpourri.
  • Check your furnace filter and have it changed or cleaned according to manufacturer’s instructions (usually between every 1-3 months).
  • If you have spring allergies, check the pollen forecast at before going outside. Pollen levels are usually highest in the morning and on warm, sunny days.

The Lung Association recently re-launched the website, Your Healthy Home ( which provides an online guide to indoor air quality in the home. Visitors to the website will be greeted with a virtual “healthy home tour”, going through typical rooms in a home, and exploring items and triggers that may have a negative impact on air quality and lung health. For people with allergies, asthma or other lung diseases, the website also provides specific information about triggers to help them manage their conditions.

Visit for more information about indoor air quality in the home. If you have questions about managing your lung condition during the spring allergy season, call the Lung Health Information Line at 1-888-566-LUNG (5864) or e-mail

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Connie Choy

Connie Choy is the Air Quality Coordinator at the Ontario Lung Association.

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