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Allergies & COPD


The impact of allergies on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) has not been researched until recently.  Healthcare workers have often thought allergies only impact those who suffer from asthma but a recent study has linked allergies to causing flare-ups in COPD.  The study didn’t define the reason allergies affect COPD or if treating allergies improved COPD symptoms.  Further studies in this area are likely to occur. It is known that if there is good control of the nose and sinuses, asthma symptoms are better controlled.  So, why wouldn’t it be the same for COPD?  The nose, throat and lungs are

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Beyond the Rain

Calgary flooding

Our warm wet weather is reeking havoc for families across Alberta. Some have lost everything, others are facing a major clean up.  But all of us must watch out for mould. Mould is a trigger for asthma and asthma-related symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. When you are exposed to mould, the smooth muscle that wraps around the airways tightens. Mould also causes inflammation and increased production of phlegm, headaches and fatigue, and allergic reactions. For those who have asthma or vulnerable populations such as children and the elderly, mould may affect them much more

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Traffic Jams are Hazardous to Our Health

State Of The Air 2013 - Updated Version June 21-1

Safeguarding British Columbians from the health effects of air pollution needs to become a greater priority, suggests the BC Lung Association’s 9th BC State of the Air Report released for Clean Air Day (Today, June 5) underlining traffic-related air pollution exposure as a critical issue once again in 2013. The annual report unites experts on air quality and health to provide British Columbians with a snapshot of key issues, pollutant levels and initiatives underway to address areas of concern. Approximately one-third of all Canadians live within 100 metres of a major road or 500 metres of a highway—the zones most

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Five Tips for Clean Air Day


On this Clean Air Day, check out these tips to limit exposure to air pollution: Check the air quality readings in your local area. Visit for your local conditions. On days with poor air quality, stay indoors and keep your windows and doors closed. Reschedule outdoor activities for another day if possible. Carpool or take public transit. Consider biking or walking as alternate ways to get around. Do not use gas or diesel-powered lawn mowers, leaf blowers or gardening equipment as these devices create lots of air pollution. Don’t burn wood or trash. Instead of burning debris, start a

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