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How about a ‘New School Year’s’ Resolution?

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Living a healthy lifestyle takes effort. And getting your kids to do the same can be a struggle. Particularly at the start of a new school year, when peer pressure can make an unhealthy activity like smoking seem a very tempting option for kids trying to fit in.

If you are a parent who smokes, not having the kids at home appears the ideal time to stop smoking for good. However, back-to-school is stressful for the entire family –  shopping for clothes and supplies, re-organizing for school days and after-school activities, arranging after-school care. And stress is a trigger for smoking.

We encourage parents ready to stop smoking to do it anyway. You set a positive example, you and your family are healthier, and the money saved can go to rewards for your hard work and accomplishment. To change your relationship with tobacco is liberating and always doable.

Fast Facts

  • Overwhelming majority of tobacco users started as teens
  • The child of a parent who smokes is 2x as likely to smoke as the child of a non-smoker
  • Children in households where tobacco is smoked miss an extra 6 days of school a year
  • Children exposed to tobacco smoke get sick more often
  • Teens who smoke have impaired lung function
  • Teens who smoke are more likely to use alcohol and other substances
  • Those who start young are more readily addicted to nicotine
  • Tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of death in Canada

Get Free Help to Stop

We encourage BC parents ready to quit to check out our free support services at as well as our monthly Tobacco Free Tuesdays ( quit and win contest.

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