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Sleep Disordered Breathing and Pregnancy: A Follow-up Study in SK

Sleep Disordered Breathing and Pregnancy:  A Follow-up Study

A group of researchers from the University of Saskatchewan and Stanford University led by Dr. John Reid of Saskatoon first published a study in 2011 of pregnant women with the complication of high blood pressure (gestational hypertension).  In that study, they discovered that sleep disordered breathing was common among these women.  Sleep disordered breathing is a general term for abnormal breathing patterns and the sleep disturbances that these breathing patterns can cause.

In a follow-up study published in May 2013, the researchers found that the sleep disordered breathing improved back to normal once the baby was born.  Further studies will be required to see if other factors (such as obesity) may put these women at risk for developing sleep disordered breathing in the future.  This research was jointly funded by the Lung Association of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, and the University of SK.

Dr. Reid

Reid J, Glew RA, Skomro R, Fenton M, Cotton D, Olatunbosun F, Gjevre J, Guilleminault C, Sleep Disordered breathing and Gestational Hypertension:  Postpartum Follow-up Study:  SLEEP 2013, Vol 36, No. 5:  717 -721.

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