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Health Care Practitioners Talking to their Clients about AQHI

As a health care practitioner talking to clients about the Air Quality health Index I talk to them about The Triple AAA’s of AQHI .

 I Ask:

Do you know what the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) is and how it effects your respiratory health? Air quality affects you differently depending on your risk. Do you know what your AQHI Symptom (s) Trigger number is?

I Advise on what the AQHI is and Assist them with where to find results: I tell them:

The AQHI is:

AQHI numbers

A simple scale that measures the health risk associated with local air quality conditions and helps you make decisions to protect your health. It provides information on the level of risk associated with pollution levels. It allows you to plan and enjoy outdoor activities at times when the health risk is low.

The AQHI is measured on a coloured scale of 1 to 10+. The higher the value, the greater the health risk and hence the greater the need to take precautions. The Air Quality Health Index is updated often and can be checked any time at / when the Air Quality Health Index reading rises, individuals can decide whether they need to:

  • • Reduce or      reschedule outdoor physical activities;
  • • Monitor possible      symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, coughing or irritated eyes;
  • • Activate a      personal health plan or consult a physician or health care provider.



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Director of health Promotion with the New Brunswick Lung Association. Credentials: Bachelor of Nursing and Masters in Adult Education. Thirty years experience in the health care field.

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