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Working to FREEZE THE FLAVOURS! Youth working together to put an end to flavoured tobacco.

NOW FREEZING FLAVOURS!  The Youth Stream Pre-Conference of the National Conference on Tobacco or Health is just ending and our youth ambassadors Brooke & Aiden were there taking part.  Brooke & Aiden also got to take part in the Freeze the Industry campaign to put a freeze on big tobacco in a march to Parliament Hill.  They also learned advocacy skills and about savvy ways tobacco industries use to target youth.

The day after the march, Alberta became the first province to ban flavoured tobacco on November 26.  Congratulations to Alberta, now let’s Freeze the Industry in SK!  We’ve been working hard, read more here.

Here’s a picture of Aiden (in blue), Brooke and our Vice President of Health Promotion, Jennifer Miller (in purple) at the Freeze the Industry campaign on Parliament Hill.

Brooke at conference.

Here is Brooke on the march on Parliament Hill.

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