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Putting radon on your radar

Are you interested in testing your home and sharing your results for a good cause? Residents across Alberta are choosing to test their homes for radon and have their results shared anonymously with researchers at the University of Calgary. This initiative is being completed in an effort to bring awareness to radon gas, which is found in homes across Canada, including in the Prairie Provinces. Dr. Aaron Goodarzi, a researcher at the University of Calgary is interested in gathering as much data as possible on radon levels in the province. Radon is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas that can accumulate in homes over time and can lead to lung cancer over long term exposure. To learn more click here.

The hope is that the preliminary data from Dr. Goodarzi’s initiative will help secure funding for a larger-scale study to map household radon levels in major Alberta centres to determine which communities are most at risk.

The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT (TLA) is working alongside Dr. Goodarzi to raise awareness about radon and will be anonymously sharing data collected (from kits sold through the organization) with Dr. Goodarzi and his research lab.

Should you be interested in participating in this research initiative or wish to test your home for radon without participating in the initiative, you can purchase a test kit through TLA for $45 each. To learn more about the initiative or to obtain your own test kit, contact Amy Elefson at TLA (1-888-566-LUNG (5864) x 2252;

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