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Guest post from Nicole Nelson: Let’s talk organ donation.

Nicole Nelson1

Hello, my name is Nicole and I have familial pulmonary fibrosis.  As of day one of my diagnosis, I knew that a lung transplant was going to be my only treatment option.  My shortness of breath was manageable until the summer of 2013 when I had to be put on oxygen therapy to keep my oxygen saturation levels in their normal range.  My respirologist then started  the process of getting me on the transplant list.  In January 2014, I was fortunate to go to Edmonton for the transplant team’s 6 week program.  There we did physiotherapy Monday to Friday, met

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Save Your Lungs and the Planet this Earth Day!


To mark Earth Day on April 22nd, the BC Lung Association invites you to take a big, deep breath for a smoke-free world and kick the smoking habit for good. If you’re wondering what reducing tobacco use has to do with saving the planet? Check out this World Health Organization report. It spells out some of the most glaring effects the tobacco industry has on our planet, “Although the global share of agricultural land used for tobacco growing is less than 1 percent, its impact on global deforestation is 2–4 percent. Research suggests that tobacco growing may be up to 10

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