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My Experience With Lung Cancer

picture of Terry

My name is Terry and I was diagnosed with lung cancer in Jan 2014. I am 62, and was in pretty good health. I had no breathing problems but because of some other problems my doctor ordered a CT scan of my chest. I can’t really describe the shock and disbelief that my husband and I felt on learning the results of the scan, and the follow up tests that confirmed the diagnosis. Until the day I was diagnosed, I was working full time as a public health doctor, in charge of health protection. Suddenly I became a full-time patient,

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Smokeless, not Harmless

Tony Gwynn, former San Diego Padres baseball star died June 16, 2014 from oral cancer.  He was 54 years old.  Like many baseball players, Tony chewed tobacco during his playing years.  It is estimated that 75% of oral cancer can be linked to tobacco use, and more concerning, the use of smokeless or chewing tobacco is on the rise. Oral cancer is disfiguring and deadly.  Almost half of the people diagnosed with oral cancer will die within five years. Whether you smoke tobacco in a pipe or a cigar, or chew it in your mouth, it’s still harmful to your

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Neil Johnston receives Honorary Life Membership Award

Margaret Bernhardt-Lowdon and Neil Johnston

Long-time volunteer Neil Johnston received an Honorary Life Membership Award for his distinguished leadership and outstanding commitment to advance the mission of the Lung Association. Neil, who is the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s regional director and the Health Sciences Centre’s site director of respiratory therapy, received his award at a ceremony in Ottawa on Saturday. As a registered respiratory therapist, Neil has made significant contributions to lung health. Neil Johnston began his lengthy volunteer work when he joined the Manitoba Lung Association as a volunteer committee member in 1993. He became a member of their board in 2000. In 2010,

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Author Anne Raina receives the Heather Crowe Award from Canadian Lung Association

Anne Raina receives award

The Canadian Lung Association is pleased to announce that Anne Raina, author of Clara’s Rib, is the 2014 recipient of the Heather Crowe Award. This award in given to honor an individual or group who given to an individual or group who is actively involved in the promotion of lung health and the prevention of lung disease. Anne received her award Saturday June 14th at a ceremony in Ottawa. Since 2010, Anne has been faithfully promoting Clara’s Rib – the true story of Clara, Anne’s late sister and co-author of the book. Clara grew up in a TB Sanatorium in

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Guest post from Dr. Mark Fenton: Research on lung volume in First Nations people

The measurement of how much air you can breathe in and out is a very helpful tool to diagnose lung disorders. The size of your lungs is influenced by age, sex, height and ethnicity. When deciding if a person’s lung volume is normal or not, the measurements are compared to what would be expected based on the person’s age, sex, height and ethnicity. There is information available on what lung volumes are expected for white people, black people and Asian people but none is available for First Nations people. As a result, lung function in First Nations people is compared

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Keeping the air in and around your home healthy

Family house

Wednesday June 4 is Clean Air Day, which is a great time to think about the air close to home. Keep reading to find out ways to keep the air in and around your home healthy: Keep your home smoke-free. If anyone smokes, ask them to only smoke outside or consider quitting. Reduce the chances of mould growing by ensuring the humidity level is between 30-50% and increasing ventilation such as in the bathroom or kitchen. If you have pets or carpeting, use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter or a central vacuum system regularly to limit dust mites

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