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The Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF) is offering a pilot funding program developed to encourage collaborative groups of health researchers to launch new ideas, develop new research questions, and explore unique solutions to health issues relevant to Saskatchewan.

Funding is available for short-term research development projects of up to one year. This funding is intended to provide support for collaborative health research in its initial stages that will strengthen an application for funding to an entity other than SHRF within one year following the grant term. Researchers are encouraged to work with knowledge user co-applicants and collaborators where appropriate.

SHRF has committed $400,000 to this pilot program competition and grants amounts are from $10,000 up to $40,000 for one year. To be eligible, there must be a minimum of three applicants working together on this proposal and on the plans for the subsequent funding request.

With funding from the John Cameron Moorhead Foundation, the Lung Association of Saskatchewan is partnering with SHRF to jointly fund asthma research. Up to $100,000 is available to co-fund asthma-related grants taking place in Saskatchewan that are furthering the goal of finding a cure of asthma. John Moorhead was a farmer in the Milestone district who had asthma and left a large bequest to fund asthma research in 1975. A further bequest to increase the research funding available was later made by his sister, Ruth Moorhead in 1991. For almost 40 years, this funding has been used for asthma research in Saskatchewan.

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