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During Lung Month, share #mybreathtakingpic

November is Lung Month so we’re asking everyone to help spread the word by sharing a breathtaking picture with friends and family.  It’s a simple and fun way to make a difference in the lives of those with breathing difficulties. It’s so easy: 1)    Post your most breathtaking pic 2)    Include a short message: “Post a pic that takes your breath away and give Canadians with lung disease a chance to breathe easier” 3)    Tag a friend and get them to do the same 4)    Remind everyone to donate Here’s a sample post:

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Setting the Record Straight About Radon: Part 2

Radon - Is it in Your Home - Graphic

Last month, we dispelled 5 myths related to radon. This month we tackle 5 more misconceptions. To read Part 1 of this blog, click here. Myths: 1)       Help! I’m worried my granite countertop is releasing large amounts of radon. Fact: Radon is in fact produced by granite, which contains varying levels of uranium. Certain granites may contain more natural uranium that others, and therefore, may produce more radiation. In 2010, Health Canada conducted a study on granite purchased in Canada, and found that the granite produced no significant levels of radon. Radon generally occurring in the air of the home

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