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My Experience With Lung Cancer – Part 6: When things are hard

picture of Terry[See previous blogs – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5]

March 6, 2015: The last month has been the hardest so far. The cancer progressed despite the new treatment, and that led to a fracture of my spine with back pain that kept me in bed for weeks. I had surgery to stabilize the back two weeks ago and finally feel that I am starting to get some strength and mobility back. And I will be starting a new chemotherapy today.

It has been almost impossible to keep up any kind of morale, but again it is the support of family and friends that keeps me going. And, even though it is a cliché, remembering that each day is a treasure.

I am lucky enough to be recovering from this event, and to have another treatment option, at least for now. But whatever denial I have been using up to now was severely challenged, and I think I have become a little more realistic about all of this.

[Continued in Epilogue]

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5 comments on “My Experience With Lung Cancer – Part 6: When things are hard
  1. anne fanning says:

    Hi Terry
    We thought of you at the NAR meeting last week with great fondness and much sympatico for your tough days. You are an inspiration to all of us for your courage in writing about the challenges of lung cancer. We recalled all the wonderful hard work you did with the TB program in Quito, the fluent Spanish, and the great friends you made and lives you influenced in Ecuador.
    Hang in there
    Lots of love anne

  2. Kevin Schwartzman says:

    Just to echo Anne’s comments, there was a great deal of positive thought as well as congratulations going your way at the NAR meeting 2 weeks ago. I was honoured to be able to present you with the Service Award, with Jane Carter accepting on your behalf. Many colleagues from near and far asked me to relay their wishes to you. I hope things are better with you. You are indeed an inspiration.

  3. David Zavala says:

    Dear Terry

    You have a lot of strength, you give us life lessons. You are always in my prayers, asking God to give you strength and if possible can you recover. Many hugs. David

  4. Maria Susana Molina says:

    Dear Terry,

    I have nice memories of your stay in Ecuador and all your help to our program. I keep you in my prayers and I hope you feel better.
    Un fuerte abrazo,
    Maria Susana

  5. Scott McDonald says:

    Hi Terry…. I’ve been sending positive power vibes your way…..and was so happy your dedication to your work with TB and IUATLD was recognized at our Vancouver conference last month! I often think of you and our many adventures and especially those in Chicago and Paris. Finding Jimmy Morrison’s apartment with you and Amy was a highlight! She and her husband Mark are expecting a baby boy next month…. my first grandchild! So exciting! Cheering for you and wishing you the very best! Hugs! Scott

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