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Thank you AirCare for helping to keep our air clean!

State Of The Air - aircareAirCare was a vehicle inspection and maintenance program that ran from 1992 through 2014 in the British Columbia Lower Mainland (Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley Regional District). The objective of AirCare was to improve regional air quality by requiring that emissions from cars and light trucks met minimum standards before they could be insured.

After more than 22 years, the AirCare vehicle emissions testing and repair program closed its doors at the end of 2014. There’s no question that AirCare has helped keep the Lower Mainland’s air clean, and provided health benefits to its residents. Despite the fact that vehicles have become cleaner since the program began, emission control defects and lack of proper maintenance still caused vehicles to fail emission testing. To the Lower Mainland’s benefit, AirCare kept those emissions in check – even in its final year it identified over 30,000 high-emitting vehicles.

There have been hundreds of people directly and indirectly involved in AirCare, from those who initiated and operated the program and gave AirCare its emphasis on maintenance, to those who supported and worked in the repair industry to ensure emissions problems were solved and to those who performed AirCare’s 17 million emissions tests.

Did you know:

  • Over 17 million emission inspections were performed on nearly three million unique vehicles
  • Almost one million of those vehicles failed an emissions test at some point
  • Of those that failed, 98 percent were either repaired or removed from the road
  • Repairs and removals reduced vehicle emissions by an estimated 31% over the life of the program.

On behalf of air quality in the Lower Mainland, thank you, AirCare.

Dr. Menn Biagtan, MD, MPH Program Manager/Secretariat

For more information, including a temporal analysis comparing cardiovascular deaths with number of vehicles that failed AirCare, read the State of the Air 2015 report, or contact Dr. Menn Biagtan at or 604.731.5864

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