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Disney stamps out smoking in youth-rated movies

Does watching smoking in movies cause our kids to want to light up? Apparently so!

Walt Disney Pictures

Walt Disney Pictures

According to the Partnership for Drug Free Kids, “children between the ages of 10 to 14 who view many movies with characters who smoke are more likely to try cigarettes themselves.”

Well you can breathe easy Mom and Dad because Disney has set the stage (no pun intended) for movie makers to omit tobacco from any future productions.  Walt Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger said he would “absolutely prohibit” smoking in all Disney films going forward, including those produced by the studio’s wholly owned comic-book-movie division, Marvel Studios, and Star Wars unit Lucasfilm.

Disney made a similar announcement back in 2007 in response to proven studies regarding the strong correlation between children who wanted to try smoking because they had seen it in movies, but the policy was not effectively enforced. Now the Disney corporation is making a commitment to protect its young audiences from any influence of cigarette smoking. Disney, the creators of the ‘happiest place on earth’, have just committed to producing the healthiest movies on earth. Way to go Disney!

Read the full press release from Disney here.

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