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Seven ways to improve the air we breathe every day


Forest-firefighting crews in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and in the Northwest Territories have already tackled hundreds of wildfires that have burned across northcentral and northern areas of the province since early sping.

With more heat and dry conditions in the forecast in the next few weeks, more wildfires can be expected. The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT urges all Albertans — and residents in the Northwest Territories — to keep a close watch on local air quality reports, as well as following these seven small steps to keep your lungs healthy during the season.

1.     Check your local Air Quality Health Index to plan your outdoor activity. Visit: or dial 1-877-247-7333.

2.     In case of poor air quality follow the health messages corresponding the AQHI reading. Exercise indoors when the outdoor air quality is low.

3.     Use public transit or carpool on bad air day.

4.     Do not idle your vehicle while waiting for someone.

5.     Do not use gas or diesel powered mowers, leaf blowers or gardening equipment.

6.     Consider planting trees around your home during the summer

7.     If you are suffering from known lung problem keep your medication nearby and always have the symptoms under control, because bad air day may trigger your symptoms.

– Blog post authored by Sufi Hassan, Program Specialist for Environment and Health at The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT


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