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Canadian Home Builders’ Association partners with BC Lung Association to fuel action on indoor radon

Indoor radon is the leading cause of lung cancer after smoking


Anyone preparing to buy a new house in BC should be aware of new BC Building Code measures regarding indoor radon – an invisible, odourless soil gas that occurs in areas across Canada and is the leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.

A serious health risk, radon poses the greatest danger when it builds up to high levels inside buildings and people are exposed to it over a long period of time.

To reduce radon-related health risks, the BC government recently added new radon-related measures to the Building Code. These changes ensure new homes include a radon vent pipe to assist in drawing dangerous soil gases, like radon, up and out of the house. New measures also require radon vent pipes to be clearly labelled, and thus easily distinguished from other common building pipes.

To help home builders meet new Building Code requirements, the BC Lung Association designed a Radon Warning Label – the first-of-its-kind. And to get the word out, we partnered with the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.

It’s working.

Local government and regional district building authorities are using Radon Warning Labels, and more and more contractors and builders are asking for it.

Rosemary Oaks  works for the Regional District of Kootenay East in Building and Protective Services. In her mind the labels do more than just distinguish one pipe from another.

“The more radon pipes with Warning Labels out there, the more familiar people are becoming with this health issue,”  she said.

radon warning label

To order your radon pipe labels visit the BC Lung Association or call the BC Lung Association Office toll-free at 1.800.665.5864

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