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Barbara’s Story: With their future uncertain, Barbara and partner Martin hold out hope for a lung transplant

Barbara Deglau - ipf

Barbara and Martin met five years ago as most people do these days – online. One coffee date and the two knew it was a match. Each had already lived a lifetime of challenge, struggle, and loss, often putting their own lives on hold to support a loved one. Together, they planned to live out their retirement years doing the things that they love.  Barbara’s slight cough and a monitor attached to her index finger however suggest a different story is unfolding. “I’ve had a lung problem for a long time,” she says. The petit 66-year-old has a youthful quality that

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Rosalind’s story: I knew I could quit for weeks at a time… however I always ended up being drawn back to smoking

Rosalind's Story

Guest blog by Rosalind Neis. As a social smoker for over 35 years, I always assumed quitting was something I could do any time I wanted. I knew I could quit for weeks at a time while traveling, and while I was pregnant I quit for 2 years, however I always ended up being drawn back to smoking. That all changed when my dad had a heart attack. Following the heart attack, a series of tests where performed eventually leading to open heart surgery. On July 17, 2014, I went to see him in the ICU where he lay unconscious and incubated.

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Dr. Frank Scott receives prestigious Founders Award

Dr. Frank Scott receives the 2015 Founders Award from Karen Davis, Treasurer, Canadian Lung Association

It is our pleasure to report that the 2015 Canadian Lung Association Founders Award was presented to Dr. Frank Scott of Saskatoon. The CLA Founders Award honours individuals who have devoted themselves to the affairs of The Lung Association and to the cause of respiratory health. The award recognizes exemplary innovation or commitment towards lung health. The award is given to an individual who is actively involved in the promotion of lung health and the prevention of lung disease in a health professional role. Dr. Frank Scott is the longest-serving volunteer Board member in the history of the Lung Association

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Working together for healthy communities


The BC Lung Association’s RadonAware team will be attending the Union of BC Municipalities 2015 Annual Convention on September 23rd and 24th in Vancouver. With a focus on promoting healthy communities throughout BC, the RadonAware team will share information and resources about radon, a known lung cancer risk, aiming to inspire cities throughout BC to get involved and encourage radon testing and mitigation. Collaboration is fundamental to all successful partnerships, and in January 2014, the City of Castlegar partnered with the BC Lung Association’s RadonAware team to educate residents about the health risks of radon and encourage radon testing and

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Fresh Air Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner - MyCanadianSummer

After hundreds of amazing My Canadian Summer photo entries, the team at London Drugs, along with the Lung Association of BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan have picked the winners. Congratulations to all our winners! Stay tuned for details for next years contest.

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Dr. Nasreen Khalil’s Story: A life dedicated to unravelling the mystery of a little known, lethal lung disease

Dr. Khalil's Story - IPF

Currently based at the University of British Columbia Dr. Khalil has dedicated much of her life’s work to understanding and treating IPF, raising the profile of the disease, and obtaining much-needed research funding. It was during her respirology fellowship some 20 years ago that Dr. Khalil first became captivated by IPF.  Previously viewed as an inflammatory disease similar to asthma or COPD, Dr. Khalil andher team discovered that IPF is actually a disease of the lung tissue. “This disease is insidious,” explains Dr. Khalil. “Many people cannot pinpoint exactly when they noticed becoming short of breath – usually when doing regular

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Darcy’s Story: At age 54 I was diagnosed with IPF, and would need a lung transplant to survive

Darcy's Story

Darcy Murdoch has played many roles in his life as an entertainer. An average encounter finds him effortlessly riffling between two of his alter egos, crooner Bobby Bacchus, and the King himself, Elvis Presley. But no role has challenged him more than that of patient. Years of long days and late nights working in the catering business, rich meals at odd hours and constant heavy lifting were affecting Darcy Murdoch’s health. The former smoker was used to feeling out of breath, but when he began to wheeze and cough more frequently, he knew it was something more. His doctor suspected

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Andy’s Story: At first I was treated for pneumonia – it took 6 months before I was diagnosed with IPF

Andy's Story

Ski enthusiasts, Andy and Suzanne Parton were usually the first ones up the mountain on any given ski holiday, but that all changed in December 2011. Andy said, “I will never forget that day on the ski hill. I thought I must have a bug or something. I was exhausted after just a few ski runs. Once we got home, I started coughing. Soon I was coughing every second, day and night.” “At first Andy was treated for pneumonia, but his condition didn’t improve. It took six months before they told us Andy he had IPF,” said Suzanne. Because it

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