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Dr. Frank Scott receives prestigious Founders Award

Dr. Frank Scott receives the 2015 Founders Award from Karen Davis, Treasurer, Canadian Lung Association

Dr. Frank Scott receives the 2015 Founders Award from Karen Davis, Treasurer, Canadian Lung Association

It is our pleasure to report that the 2015 Canadian Lung Association Founders Award was presented to Dr. Frank Scott of Saskatoon.

The CLA Founders Award honours individuals who have devoted themselves to the affairs of The Lung Association and to the cause of respiratory health. The award recognizes exemplary innovation or commitment towards lung health. The award is given to an individual who is actively involved in the promotion of lung health and the prevention of lung disease in a health professional role.

Dr. Frank Scott is the longest-serving volunteer Board member in the history of the Lung Association of Saskatchewan with a remarkable 42 years of service. His expertise and experience in tuberculosis led him to join the board in 1973 when we were still the Saskatchewan Anti-Tuberculosis League. He helped the Association to grow and transition into the Lung Association of Saskatchewan.

Over the years, Dr. Scott has contributed hundreds of volunteer days to the Lung Association. He was Chair of the Board, for 5 years and served on the CLA Board for 8 years.  Dr. Scott is always very generous with his time.  He assists the Lung Association whenever asked and always responds in a willing and cheerful manner. Dr. Scott chaired the Professorship Research Review Committee and was instrumental in growing respirology research support. His guidance and advice on setting strategic directions for the Lung Association was invaluable.

During the 20 years of offering a Camp for Children with Asthma, Dr. Scott volunteered his time and medical knowledge to help guide and provide the care offered to the children at camp. For a number of years Dr. Scott attended camp; assisting with the registration process including medical information intake, and assessing the children’s asthma, providing advice to the medical staff team and counselling parents and their children in asthma management. On occasion Dr. Scott attended the entire week as the primary physician; again on a volunteer basis providing “around the clock” care for the children. Each year he would fly his personal plane to camp and entertain the staff with flights over the site.

Dr. Scott’s contribution has truly been a lifetime of incredible achievement combined with a passionate devotion to the mission of the Lung Association.

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