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Tracey’s healthy workplace month tips

October is the one month that is “stuffed” with reasons to fall off the healthy wagon. From Thanksgiving feasts to Halloween treats (who hasn’t stolen a few goodies from their kids’ trick or treat bags?), it can prove to be difficult to keep up your healthy habits.

So how have I stayed healthy at work throughout the month? I’ve shared some of my healthy workplace tips below; comment and share what your top tips are.

Treat Swap

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In the spirit of October festivities, treats seem to make more appearances at the office.  Sticking to a healthy diet is almost impossible when there’s a tray of home baked goods or a bowl of Halloween chocolates sitting in the staff room. How can we avoid the inevitable overindulgence?  Try replacing traditional baked goodies such as pumpkin cheesecake muffins with healthier options such as these pumpkin zucchini muffins , or try kale chips instead of potato chips for a more nutrient packed crunch. Healthy treats can be just as fun and delicious as the calorie dense ones, and you’ll feel better too.

Quit Sitting!

Sitting all day at our desk has been dubbed “the new smoking” because of how harmful it is to our health. Try simply doing stretches at your chair, get up and go for a walk around the office every hour or so, or go for a brisk walk on your lunch hour. Even taking the stairs instead of the elevator can add that extra bit of physical activity that our bodies need.

BC Lung Association staff getting flu shots

Bugs be gone!

The cool weather brings out the fun and treats but it also brings the nasty flu bugs and cold viruses. The best way to beat the bugs is to thoroughly wash your hands after using the washroom and before eating. Also, remember to get the flu vaccine – more information and locations can be found here.

Get the whole team involved

Encouraging your coworkers to create a healthier workplace can be fun and is so easy. Some people start office challenges such as the biggest loser, or start up lunch hour walking groups. It can be as simple as requesting only healthy treats to be brought in for sharing. Whatever you decide works for your office is up to you, but working together creates  team spirit and gets you all working together to be healthier and happier, which creates a better workplace overall.

Has your office been working together to get healthier? Share your stories and healthy workplace tips below.

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Tracey Jirak is a Health Promotor with BC Lung Association's QuitNow.

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