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Why I’m testing my home for radon

Radon Aware sat down with the Queen of Green to ask why she is testing for radon this fall. Here’s what she had to say:

Lindsay Coulter and son

“I’m David Suzuki’s Queen of Green. I’m also a homeowner, wife, mother and passionate advocate for health promotion and cancer prevention.

Here are four reasons I’m testing my home for radon (a known carcinogen):

Reason #1: I hate cancer

Radon exposure is responsible for 16 per cent of all lung cancer deaths in Canada AND the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. No areas of our country are “radon-free”.

Reason #2: It’s cheap

A long-term test can be purchased online from Radon Aware for $30. The best test device measures concentrations over a period of at least 90 days.

Reason #3: It’s easy

If you can unwrap a granola bar, you can test your home for radon! Simply remove the detector from the package and it’s “on”. The accompanying instructions will help you choose a room to test — it should be at the lowest level of the home where you spend at least four hours a day. (DO NOT test the kitchen, bathroom, crawl space or laundry room.) After 90 days, complete the data sheet; be sure to include the detector number, date you began testing and your postal code, and mail it to the lab in the return envelope. You can then access your test results online within two weeks.

Queen of GreenReason #4: It’s fall

The best time to test is during cooler seasons when your heater is on and windows are closed.

Unlike Halloween, testing your home for radon doesn’t need to be scary or tricky!”

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Carlynn Ferguson-King

Carlynn is on the BC Lung Association Communications Team.

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