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5 minutes with Dr. Stephen Lam


Why is research into early detection of lung cancer so important? One in 12 Canadians will receive a lung cancer diagnosis in his or her lifetime. Lung cancer accounts for more than a quarter of cancer deaths in Canada. Unlike routine screening tests for colon, cervical or breast cancer, there is no widely accepted screening tool to detect lung cancer at an early stage. The high survival rates seen in other cancers is largely due to easily accessible national screening programs. By contrast, the 5-year survival rate for lung cancer remains at 17 percent, the lowest of all the major

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It’s Lung Month. Do you know where your air has been?

One in Five have lung disease

At The Lung Association, we know what’s like for people to struggle to take a deep breath, or even their next breath. That anxious, panicked feeling when there just isn’t enough air. Did you know it has a name? It’s called “air hunger.” If you’ve ever had the wind knocked out of you, you may remember it. We are working every day to stop that feeling. There are millions of unsung heroes—one out of every five, in fact—across this country who struggle to breathe every day. We support their journey and salute their patience. And we want you to meet

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Top five reasons why you should consider testing your home for radon

Are you safe enough from radon? Radon, an invisible and naturally occurring toxic gas, comes from uranium breaking down deep in soil. It can get into homes and buildings undetected through cracks in foundations or gaps around pipes, as well as though floor slabs, construction joints, gaps around service pipes, support posts, window casements, floor drains, sumps or cavities inside walls. No area in Alberta — and across Canada — is considered radon free, confirmed Health Canada. A 2012 cross-Canada survey shows 6.9 per cent of Canadians live in homes with radon above the acceptable limit. The Canadian Radon Guideline

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