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Radon Environmental sits down with BC Lung Association

Until now only offered long term radon test kits. We’re really pleased, thanks to our new partnership with Radon Environmental, to offer both a short and long term radon testing (Learn by reading the media release).

To learn a little more about Radon Environmental and its objectives – BC Lung Association’s RadonAware Manager Britt Swoveland sat down with CEO Alan Whitehead.

Alan Whitehead

Radon Environmental CEO Alan Whitehead

Britt: Why radon?

Alan: It all started with my wife Janet, a radon-induced lung cancer survivor.

Britt:  I know we both agree relationship building is key to reaching and activating more and more British Columbians on the issue of radon. I know you feel strongly about it too.

Alan: Only by mobilizing public, private and non-profit organizations can we make real  progress. For that reason I’ve put a lot of time into forging connections. In 2012, I helped found CARST (Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists). CARST is currently doing a lot of work as it relates to the establishment of quality standards for radon measurement and mitigation.  I’m also on the board of CanSAR (Cancer Survivors Against Radon) which gives a voice to those affected by radon-induced lung cancer and I helped found a new organization, COIRA (Coalition of International Radon Associations) to encourage collaboration globally.


BC Lung Association’s RadonAware Manager Britt Swoveland

Britt: What do you think has worked best in terms of driving public interest so far?

Alan: Certainly the engagement of media and media celebrities can be very powerful. The public service announcements (PSAs) with Mike Holmes, and Mike Holmes Jr. we produced with the Lung Association and its sponsors are driving a lot of public interest. They’re currently being aired on media outlets across Canada.

Britt: Have any specific plans for 2016?

Alan: We want to get medical professionals involved, particularly Family Physicians, who have influence over their patients and physician peers. We hope to engage with the Canadian Medication Association and its provincial medical organizations this year.

Britt: Well, we look forward to working with you to make those connections.  Shall we make a plug?

In addition to our work ahead with Radon Environmental, we’ve also begun to collaborate with BC Hydro and Fortis to promote radon testing. And of course, our existing ties to BC community leaders, support from the BC Ministry of Environment, partnerships with the Canadian Home and Property Inspectors and Northern Real Estate Board have played a big part, as have alliances with our provincial Lung Association peers and like-minded non-profit allies.

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