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Canadian Home Builders’ Association of BC (CHBA BC) sits down with BC Lung Association

The danger of radon gas is serious. For people who have never smoked, it is the leading cause of lung cancer. The BC Lung Association’s RadonAware Manager Britt Swoveland recently sat down with Neil Moody, Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of BC to discuss the importance of supporting the construction industry with resources and education to help protect homeowners from radon.


BC Lung Association’s RadonAware Manager Britt Swoveland

Britt: Why get involved in radon?

Neil: The CHBA BC represents more than 1,600 members from regions throughout the province of British Columbia and from every area of the housing industry in the province. Radon is primarily a built environment issue; meaning, people tend to be exposed to radon in their homes, schools, and workplaces. As such, CHBA BC has a key role to play in providing the most up-to-date information and education on radon to our various members.

Britt: How are you helping the construction industry learn about radon?

Neil: Our Association currently provides access to online radon courses through our Continuing Education Program. Anyone in Canada can access training for radon measurement and mitigation that meets eligibility requirements to write the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program exam. We’ve also partnered with RadonAware to distribute a Building Code required Radon Warning Label that can be applied to a home’s radon vent pipe. This yellow label helps to inform occupants of what the radon pipe is, and how to access information and resources on radon testing. Lastly, we provide information on the BC Building Code requirements for radon protection measures. All our affiliated Local Home Building Associations have been supplied with the information and labels that can be easily accessed in the different regions in British Columbia.

Neil Moody - CHBA BC.3

CHBA BC CEO Neil Moody

Britt: What more needs to be done?

Neil: CHBA BC is the industry’s agent for positive change on many issues that affect residential construction and code issues. Developing solutions to tackle the radon issue is part of this positive change. It’s important that our members have a clear understanding of why radon protection measures are so important for their customers. Understanding the significant health risk associated with radon exposure is key to builders and contractors providing the highest quality service to their customers. CHBA BC is helping to make that happen by collaborating with the BC Lung Association.

To learn more about radon and training, or to order the Radon Warning Labels, visit or call Toll free 1.800.665.5864

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