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BC Hydro sits down with BC Lung Association

Margo - BC Hydro

Senior Program Manager of Residential Marketing, Margo Longland

Last summer RadonAware met with BC Hydro to provide information on what radon is, the health risks, how to test, mitigation options, and how building upgrades are a great time to consider protection from soil gases, such as radon, the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. To lend its support, BC Hydro’s Home Renovation Rebate Program now asks homeowners to consider testing for radon when doing home improvements.

Margo Longland, Senior Program Manager, Residential Marketing, believes testing for radon is an important first step to help protect occupant health and safety. “If you’re going to be planning a renovation, consider radon testing. Radon test kits are cost effective, easy to deploy, and can be purchased through the BC Lung Association’s RadonAware Program, which we now link to through our Home Renovation Rebate webpage.”


BC Lung Association’s RadonAware Manager Britt Swoveland

“We’re delighted that BC Hydro is supporting the RadonAware Program by encouraging people to test their homes,” says Britt Swoveland, RadonAware Manager. “BC Hydro is a leader in health and safety, which is an excellent fit with our organization’s mission to educate people on the health risks of radon with the goal to one day eliminate radon-induced lung cancer in British Columbia.”

To learn more about radon, testing options and how to mitigate please visit or call 1.604.731.5864 and asks for Britt Swoveland, RadonAware Manager.

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