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Friendship, love and cigarettes

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In the process of growing up, we meet different types of friends. Friends you can call in the middle of the night, friends who are always ready to go on adventures with you, and friends you can learn from. While these friends may come and go, once in a blue moon, you meet a truly supportive person who will grow right alongside you and champion your cause as if it were their own.

Diana is one of those friends.

At 18 years-old, Diana knew that her friend had his whole life ahead of him when he began smoking. Worried about his health and committed to helping him quit, she quickly identified the most important thing in his life – the girl he had fallen in love with. Armed with the knowledge that love can be stronger than addiction, Diana wrote a poem to tell her friend how she felt. It is her hope that by sharing this poem, she will be able to not only support her friend in quitting, but also help others in the community who face the same struggle.

Dianas love poem

Diana’s compassion and support touched us, and served as a great reminder us of all the young people fighting to quit smoking.

Have you ever had a friend show their love and support in this way? Tell us at

If you or someone you care about needs support to quit smoking, we’re always here to help. Visit to learn about the ways in which we can help you.

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Tess Morgan

Tess Morgan is a Social Media & Community Engagement Consultant for the BC Lung Association QuitNow Team.

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2 comments on “Friendship, love and cigarettes
  1. Esther says:

    I seriously need help quitting

    • Tess Morgan Tess Morgan says:

      Hi Esther,

      Thank you for reaching out. We’ll have a Quit Coach get in touch to support you in your quit. All the best!

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