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Keeping the air in and around your home healthy

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Wednesday June 4 is Clean Air Day, which is a great time to think about the air close to home. Keep reading to find out ways to keep the air in and around your home healthy: Keep your home smoke-free. If anyone smokes, ask them to only smoke outside or consider quitting. Reduce the chances of mould growing by ensuring the humidity level is between 30-50% and increasing ventilation such as in the bathroom or kitchen. If you have pets or carpeting, use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter or a central vacuum system regularly to limit dust mites

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What makes up air pollution?

As the summer months roll on, we may hear regular air quality or smog alerts in the news. But what exactly happens in order for air pollution levels to be high? Air pollutants come from many sources, such as traffic and vehicle emissions, industrial activities (factories, steel mills, and power plants), residential sources (wood burning, driving the car often), and transboundary sources (from the United States). In the warm summer months, many of these pollutants can linger around in the air, especially if there is little wind movement. There are a number of chemicals that make up air pollution, such

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Five Tips for Clean Air Day


On this Clean Air Day, check out these tips to limit exposure to air pollution: Check the air quality readings in your local area. Visit for your local conditions. On days with poor air quality, stay indoors and keep your windows and doors closed. Reschedule outdoor activities for another day if possible. Carpool or take public transit. Consider biking or walking as alternate ways to get around. Do not use gas or diesel-powered lawn mowers, leaf blowers or gardening equipment as these devices create lots of air pollution. Don’t burn wood or trash. Instead of burning debris, start a

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Spring Season and Indoor Air Quality

Spring brings warmer weather which encourages Canadians to open the windows and let in the fresh spring air into the home. As well, spring is the perfect time to start some spring cleaning throughout the home. Here are some simple tips to follow for healthy air in the home: Remove clutter such as old books or clothes – these items attract dust and mould. Use air-friendly cleaning products. Mix baking soda and water to form a cleaning paste or mix equal parts lemon juice and water for an effective surface cleaner. Vinegar is also great for cleaning windows and other

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