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Surviving Summer Smog

Spending time outdoors during the hot summer months is a given, but for those who suffer from asthma and other lung diseases, air pollution can make it harder to breathe. Air pollution, a mix of particles and gases like ozone, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide, can negatively affect your health and breathing. Some of the effects are minor, while others can be more severe. Short term health effects include an increase in: asthma symptoms emergency department visits lung infections Long term health effects include: Increased risk of asthma Increased risk of pneumonia Reduced lung function in children Larger cities tend

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Wintertime Air Quality and the AQHI

Winter Air Quality

Many of us associate poor air quality days with smog that tends to build up in the summer. Did you know that we also experience poor air quality days in the winter? Smog can occur throughout the year, but the composition of the smog changes with the seasons. In the summer, smog is mainly composed of ground-level ozone (a harmful pollutant) and may also consist of small suspended particles originating from forest fire smoke. In the winter, smog primarily consists of small suspended particles from car exhaust, and burning of wood in stoves and fireplaces. Most often winter smog is

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