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On love, laughter and lungs

They say you cannot fall in love with someone you cannot laugh with. True as that might be, laughter is not only the tell-tale sign of compatibility. Is it in fact the best medicine as the old adage suggests? Well, we won’t suggest that laughter will fix a broken bone, treat strep throat or help with a stomach ache. There is better medicine than laughter for those ailments. But while laughter does not replace medicine, it certainly plays a valuable role in good respiratory health. Here are three things that good laughter can do for your lungs and respiratory system.

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Breathing Towards Victory: How Olympians Use their Lungs

As the Olympic torch arrives in Rio, elite athletes will get ready for performances of a lifetime. During the days that follow, we will hold our breath as we watch our athletes perform, exhale with relief as the athletes finish a feat and shout in exhilaration as medals are hung around the necks. But as we breathe together with our athletes, our athletes breathe even deeper. Elite athletes must use their lungs more effectively than any of us. Oxygen powers performance. This is true for all level of athletes. Each of us can exercise to increase the volume of our

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Jacqui’s Journey with IPF: Whoopi!

Portable oxygen concentrators

My doctor started me on oxygen therapy a year ago because I had low oxygen saturation levels on exertion. Shortness of breath, coughing, struggling to catch my breath, fatigue and weakness were other symptoms I suffered with.  The oxygen supply company  came and set me up with the following supplies : Oxygen concentrator that stays inside our home. Large liquid oxygen tank.  The tank is filled once a week with oxygen. Portable liquid oxygen tanks. I fill a portable  liquid oxygen tank from the large liquid oxygen tank to use when I go out. I have nasal cannulas, connectors and oxygen tubing to

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