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Garth’s Lung Story


No one ever told me that smoking could lead to COPD!  I used to see those charts on my doctors wall saying that if I quit….over time….my lungs could return to normal ! Unfortunately, this is not always true and so after smoking for 30 years, I’m told that I have COPD with a combination of Emphysema and Pulmonary Fibrosis. This was in August of 2011. For the first couple of years, life was not much different….other than some shortness of breath when I walked up hill or lifted something heavy.  I had a flare-up in Florida in the winter of 2013

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21 years smoke-free, thanks to the Lung Association!

Karen Flanagan-McCarthy

                                          I couldn’t have quit smoking without the ‘Countdown’ course I took at The Lung Association 21 years ago. And I am quite sure becoming a non-smoker has added years to my life. It certainly has added life to my years! I smoked for 18 years. I got to the point where I was smoking a pack a day. My ‘ah-hah’ moment, when I knew I had to quit smoking, came when I realized I couldn’t climb two flights of

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