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Got milk; need answers: New research looks at breast milk in asthma prevention

Imagine a nutritional food source that gives your baby exactly what she needs, when she needs it. Breast milk is just that. It provides your baby with nutrients, helps fight off infections and changes as the baby’s needs change. And yet, it might have even more benefits than that. Dr. Meghan Azad is a Winnipeg-based researcher and a recipient of Canadian Respiratory Research Network ERLI award, who is committed to learning just what other super powers this nourishment holds. “We’re looking at how breast milk potentially protects babies from developing asthma,” she explains, adding “So far, we’re seeing early signs

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Asthma Education: Bridging the Cultural Divide


Most people with asthma say they have their disease under control, but studies suggest that less than half of asthma sufferers actually do. One of the ways we are trying to increase the number of patients able to effectively manage their asthma is by improving communications with new British Columbians. BC is home to 16 percent of all immigrants who settle in Canada – many of whom arrive with pre-existing chronic conditions including asthma and who do not have their asthma under control. “Challenges arise not only because of language barriers – though this is significant – but also because

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Supporting BC Leaders in Lung Research


For more than 100 years, the BC Lung Association has been working to save lives by promoting lung health and preventing lung disease. It all began with a historic campaign to stamp out tuberculosis. A century later, we continue our fight to end lung disease, targeting new and evolving threats to lung health, and serving as a guardian of British Columbian’s right to healthy air. To this end, every year we grant close to a million dollars in support of vital lung health research. This year we are proud to announce five additional grant commitments totaling a million dollars to

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