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Avoid Back-to-School Flare-ups

Help your kids avoid the September spike in asthma symptoms As summer winds down, many parents start gearing up for the school year. That usually means buying school supplies and longer pants. But for parents of children with asthma, getting ready for school should also include taking steps to protect their kids from the “September Spike” – the sharp rise in kids’ asthma symptoms that happens soon after school begins. What is to blame for the September Spike in asthma symptoms? When kids go back to school, they are suddenly at close quarters with many kids – and with the

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Q & A: Back to school with asthma


The Canadian Lung Association interviewed Dr. Sharron Dell, from the Canadian Thoracic Society’s asthma clinical assembly on the “September Spike” in asthma symptoms. 1. What is the “September Spike” in asthma symptoms and what causes it? The “September Spike  is the rise in hospital visits for asthma that occurs consistently from year to year in September. This spike has occurred for at least the last decade in Canada and several other countries including the United Kingdom, United States amongst others. The exact cause is unknown, but scientists think it is due to a combination of factors, including viral infections, fall

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